Christmas Songs Are Bad For Your Health, According to Study


The holidays are here. If the overcrowded malls, extra bad traffic, and abundance of fatty food haven't that clear, the Christmas classics playing everywhere around you probably clued you in.

Before you turn the volume up, however, a study has shown that Christmas songs are actually bad for you and your health. Hearing Jose Mari Chan crooning might bring in the festive spirit, but science says too much of it can lead to "annoyance, boredom, and even distress."

It's the people working in sales that really get the short end of the stick. "People working in the shops [have to tune out] Christmas music, because if they don't, it really does stop you from being able to focus on anything else...You're simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you're hearing," says clinical psychologist Linda Blair.

Could the Grinch have been onto something? Probably not. You can easily avoid the whole Christmas music effect by making sure the volume is at the right level and by mixing up your playlist to avoid overplaying certain tracks.

Now, excuse us, while we play "All I Want for Christmas Is You" at a moderate volume.

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