Apparently, People Who Curse While Working Out Get Better Results


A lot of people consider the gym a sanctuary, but, it only takes one extra gym-goer to ruin that with his shouting and cursing. A new study argues that you should join in instead of scoffing.

Researchers at Keele University and Long Island University found that swearing has a direct effect on strength and power performance. Yep, yelling expletives doesn't only feel good as a release, it also has plenty of other benefits.

According to Dr. Richard Stephens, Keele University's senior lecturer of psychology, "swearing can trigger sympathetic activation, sometimes described as the fight or flight response." Though further studies are needed, the research says sound might be why swearing is connected to physical performance.

He adds: "A final possibility is that there is something particular to the sound and articulation of swearing that is less common in non-swear words, for example plosiveness (i.e. a speech sound produced by complete closure of the oral passage and subsequent release accompanied by a burst of air). While many non-swear words are also plosive, a systematic assessment of plosiveness would make for interesting further research."

Even with all these benefits, however, you should still consider the people around you before going ham on the F-bombs.

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