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Stressed Out? Your DNA Could Be Aging Faster Than Normal

More stress, more aging.

Sorry to add another thing to stress over, but we have to: apparently, your DNA ages faster the more stress you experience. Take this as a warning to take things easy (if you can, at least). That's according to the American National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences which says your molecular clock is ticking faster from chronic stress—and it could get worse as you age.

To come up with the results, molecular scientists studied data taken from 647 participants aged between 35 and 74. The questionnaires allowed researchers to determine the amount of stress they experienced in their lives, while taking samples to measure amounts of adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisol produced by their bodies. The hormones, of course, are significant as they are released under stress.

Ultimately, researchers found that stress ages DNA and its speculated that its all because of your body's inflammatory reactions. It's especially bad for older people since their bodies can't repair the damage, but better for younger people whose bodies typically can.

The results are similar to another study that showed that new doctor's DNA ages six times faster than normal in their first year.

"Research has implicated telomeres as an indicator of aging and disease risk, but these longitudinal findings advance the possibility that telomere length can serve as a biomarker that tracks effects of stress, and helps us understand how stress gets 'under the skin' and increases our risk for disease," says study senior author Srijan Sen, M.D., Ph.D.

What does this all mean? Well, nothing good especially for your health. Maybe try buying a plant (which has been proven to help, thank you very much) for now and think of ways to reduce stress levels?


h/t: Men's Health UK

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