Filipino Teens Are the World’s Most Inactive After South Koreans

Filipino teens need more sports and exercise.

In Disney Pixar’s iconic film Wall-E, future humans are depicted as physically immobile and tech-dependent species who grew fat because of their inactivity. That future is at hand if we are going to look at the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO surveyed 1.6 million teenagers from 146 countries on their overall physical activity. Unsurprisingly, it found that 81 percent of teens around the world are insufficiently active physically. In other words, young people aren’t getting enough exercise. The culprit: gadgets and the environment.

“It’s not the individuals [who] are to be blamed. It’s more often society, the environment that makes them—forces them almost—to be inactive,” said Regina Guthold, the study’s lead author. However, she maintains that mobile phones are still a major factor that contributes to teens’ inactivity.

Filipino teens should get off the couch

Missing the top spot by only a hairline, Filipino teens landed in the second spot as the world’s least physically active. The Philippines had an overall physical inactivity prevalence of 93.4 percent, while South Korea had a score of 94.2 percent.

The teens did not meet the WHO’s recommended 60 minutes of physical activity of moderate to vigorous intensity. Such activities include walking, biking, and doing various forms of exercise or sport.

“Our data show that majority of adolescents do not meet physical activity guidelines, putting their current and future health at risk,” said the researchers in their study published in Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.

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