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Eating Fruits and Vegetables and Exercising Could Be the Secret to Happiness, According to Study

Time to stock up on fruits and veggies.

A new study says eating fruits and vegetables and exercising could be the secret to happiness.

The research, led by the University of Kent and University of Reading, discovered more to the link between diets and exercise with lifestyle and well-being. Technically, we've always been told that exercise produces serotonin but at least now we know it does more than that.

According to the researchers' findings, delaying gratification and applying self-control is what affects our wellbeing.

"Behavioural nudges that help the planning self to reinforce long-term objectives are likely to be especially helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If a better lifestyle not only makes us healthier but also happier, then it is a clear win-win situation," said researcher Dr. Adelina Gschwandtner from the University of Kent's School of Economics.

Professor Uma Kambhampati added, "There has been a bigger shift in recent years for healthier lifestyle choices. To establish that eating more fruit and vegetables and exercising can increase happiness as well as offer health benefits is a major development. This may also prove useful for policy campaigns around environment and sustainability."

Now, excuse us while we stock up on fruits and veggies. And, here are low-impact exercises to get us all started.

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