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Google, Facebook, and Twitter Join Forces to Combat False Coronavirus 'Cures' and Other Fake News

Silicon Valley’s tech giants are not going to take nCoV threat sitting down.

Amid the spread of misleading and false news stories about the coronavirus, tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter have come together to stop the surge of online misinformation.

Google and Twitter are stepping up efforts to promote verified news sources and information regarding the novel coronavirus or nCoV, according to a report by CNN. Google, which owns YouTube, will also promote videos (these will appear more often on people’s screens) that show credible news and information about the virus. On the other hand, Twitter is now directing users to credible links about the pandemic.

Facebook is actively taking down posts that spread misleading or false news about the nCov. According to a post by Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook’s head of health, the site will "remove content with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities that could cause harm to people who believe them.”

Facebook also owns Instagram, where it has also taken the fight against coronavirus false news. According to CNN, searches for “vaccines” have spiked on Instagram, but the links that appeared led some people to unverified or dangerous misinformation.

"Leading global health authorities, such as the World Health Organization, have publicly identified verifiable vaccine hoaxes; if these vaccine hoaxes appear on our platforms, including Instagram, we will take action against them," said a spokesperson for Facebook in an interview with CNN.

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