How Does a Fitness CEO Reinvent Her Workout During a Pandemic?

Electric Studio’s co-founder Kristina Sy has tips.

How Does a Fitness CEO Reinvent Her Workout During a Pandemic?

Moving fitness into the confines of our homes has been a challenge, to say the least. Just a year ago, many of us went from hitting the gym every day to barely doing sit-ups every week.

But take it from Kristina Sy—CEO, co-founder, and instructor at Electric Studio, one of the largest boutique indoor cycling studios in the country—who has found ways to reinvent her own workout routine amid the lockdown. She believes that workouts not only help you get back in shape, but can also create a positive impact on yourself and other people.

“For me, working out has always been beyond the physical benefits,” she says. “It keeps me mentally sane and happy—which are of the utmost importance, especially during a pandemic.”

She and Electric Studio continue to help others stay in shape during the lockdown by partnering with Globe Platinum. Through a three-day live online fitness event Electric Weekend, Platinum customers can reclaim their active lifestyle, while also helping children from Baseco Compound continue their education at home with school kits from World Vision. 

Shifting Gears

Pre-pandemic, Sy used to teach Electric indoor cycling plus train for Electric Rhythm Boxing classes, two to three times a week. This was a cross-training method she created within the Electric Studio fitness ecosystem to give both the cardio and strength training she needed. Her routines were also custom made, given that she was five months pregnant at the time.

Sy clearly has a commitment to fitness that not even a lockdown can stop. She built Electric Studio with the long-term objective to be stronger, live longer, and feel better—and she and her fitness empire were able to pivot immediately after the lockdown began.

“We started offering live workouts that required no equipment right away,” she shares. “What began as a once-a-day class quickly scaled up to what it is todaywhich is over 200 live workouts a month and over 150 recorded on-demand classes.”

Working it out

As a CEO, instructor, and mom, Sy has learned to balance everything in her life. No matter how hectic her day is, she makes it a point to take care of herself by staying active. “I still teach live cycling and boxing classes once a week,” she says. “On top of that, I’ve been working out using Electric’s On-Demand platform to get two more workouts in a week.”

Whenever her schedule permits, she also tries to take a live Electric class so she can see and feel the community online. “Seeing over a hundred faces in a class reminds me that I am not alone and that the entire Electric community is also working out at home, no matter what challenges we face,” she explains.

For those struggling to stay fit at home, Sy recommends finding a workout you love. It’ll help you follow through on your commitments—you’ll even learn to make time for it. “I believe the most effective workout is one you actually look forward to doing,” she adds. “We carried this belief when we created our Electric signature workouts. We wanted to create a workout that didn’t feel like work.”

Your workout’s accessibility and convenience are also important. Finding a platform where you can take a class anytime and anywhere will keep you committed. Lastly, find a fitness community that helps you stay motivated.

It also helps to feed yourself right. Sy herself has three full meals plus two snacks a day. For her, the best meal plan is one you can sustain even as you get older. It’s not about depriving yourself, but adhering to eating right and in moderationall while keeping an active lifestyle.

Pedaling forward

After months of embracing the changes that have come with the new normal, working out at home has become the norm for Sy and Electric Studio as a whole. “We’ve made it so convenient for everyone to clip on a bike or get on a mat at any time of the day,” she says. “No longer does traffic or a meeting get in the way of you missing a class, as there’s always a live or on-demand class you can take.”

Partnering with innovators like Globe Platinum has also contributed to Electric Studio’s continued success. “I am thrilled that Globe Platinum is one of our strategic digital partners,” she says. “There is so much potential for two premium brands to come together and provide [excellent] digital content to the Filipino community.”

Collaborating extensively since the lockdown started, Globe Platinum and Electric Studio have been providing Platinum members with perks, exclusive offers, and exciting events like Electric Weekend. They have also enabled Platinum subscribers to get Electric Studio Bikes and classes by renewing their Platinum plans. 

“Our focus is on empowering our community and making working out accessible,” Sy explains. “This is only just the beginning of a powerful digital partnership.” 

Electric Weekend just kicked off 2021 with even more exciting virtual experiences—like live Electric Rhythm Boxing, Indoor Cycling, and Pilates + Yoga classes—while pledging more school kits to Baseco children last February 20-21, 2021. And this is only the beginning of more events to come, with both Globe Platinum and Electric Studio charging up to keep people moving.

To learn more about Globe Platinum and Electric Studio's collaborations, visit Globe Telecom’s official website. For updates, follow Globe Telecom on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Globe Platinum.

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