How to Avoid Binge-Eating After a Workout

Save your hard work.

Going for a vigorous workout and breaking a sweat is a great way to feel pumped and motivated. You feel like you can tackle anything that comes your way and you are more focused and ready for all the day’s challenges. Science tells us that this is caused by the endorphins your body excretes during a workout which gives you a natural high.

Unfortunately, a difficult workout also leaves you famished. And if you’re not mindful, will cause you to binge and eat back everything you’ve just worked so hard to lose. Science explains this too. During exercise, your body regulates the release of acylated ghrelin, a hormone that is responsible for making you hungry. At the same time, a good workout also stimulates the release of digestive hormones for a one-two punch to get you shipshape. The bad news is, this is only a short term effect. Once your body normalizes, it recognizes that it’s lost a lot of nutrients and wants to get them back asap!

Being mindful of the strong tendency to binge-eat after a workout is very important if you want to truly change your physical state and notice all the hard work you’ve been putting in. So the next time you feel like giving in to your gastronomical urges, remember these tips to keep hunger at bay, and the pounds permanently off.


Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after a workout. Sometimes, dehydration can mask itself as hunger. Making sure you drink a substantial amount of water keeps the hunger pangs away and replenishes all the much-needed water you need (and lose) during a workout.


Have a Preworkout Snack

Make sure not to go overboard and eat something that will make you feel bloated before a workout. Grab something with a healthy amount of fat, protein, and carbs to make sure you’re not too depleted after you break a sweat. A good option is a fruit or even some almonds.


Be Mindful of What You've Just Accomplished

It may sound overly simple, but practicing mind over matter to combat post-workout binging is actually extremely effective. Slowing things down after a workout and remembering all the hard work and sweat you put in is a strong motivation to control what you eat.

Go for the Healthier Alternative

Don’t get us wrong, having a post-workout meal is not only okay, but it’s actually necessary. What you have to watch out for is overeating and eating the wrong thing. Instead, try to choose the healthier alternative to get all of the advantages and none of the setbacks. There’s a world of difference between french fries and healthy oven-baked chips. Another hack is to eat slowly in order to give your brain enough time to register that you’re full.


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