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Manila Has Some of The Cheapest Cannabis in The World, Says New Study

But also one of the lowest consumption rates.

Despite the current administration’s aggressive war on drugs, it turns out that Manila still has a relatively cheap going-rate for marijuana. A study by hydroponic cultivation company Seedo has determined the cities of the world with the most and least expensive cannabis prices, as well as the ones with the highest and lowest annual consumption rates.

Colorado-based Seedo is part of a wave of new companies that are embracing the legalization of the cannabis industry, and their 2018 Cannabis Index aims “to illustrate the continuous need for legislative reform on cannabis use around the world, and to determine if there are any lessons to be learned from those cities at the forefront of marijuana legalisation.” The index is based on statistics from the World Drug Report 2017 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which Seedo crunched in this study. Chief marketing officer Uri Zeevi says the Cannabis Index “has revealed some incredible insights into the kind of tax revenue that legalising weed could generate.”

Unsurprisingly, Manila has figured into the Cannabis Index too. Of 120 cities surveyed, our capital ranked 108th in average cannabis prices, making us the city with the 12th cheapest weed in the world. The study puts Manila’s average per-gram price at USD5.24, or Php270 (Whose dealer is this?). In contrast, the city with the most expensive weed, Tokyo, checks in at an average of USD32.66, or almost Php1,700.




But despite our relatively lower going-rates, Manila is also listed as having the 10th lowest average cannabis consumption per year, at just 0.6 metric tons (compared to New York, which consumes 77.44 metric tons).



See the full study here.

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