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Science Says the Moon Could Be Messing With Your Sleep

The moon is at fault, apparently.

Sleep used to be a simple thing for many of us. The pandemic, however, has made that harder too. (We wish we were kidding, but living through such an unnatural situation has brought up anxiety and worry and, in turn, sleepless nights.) Another thing that's adding to all of that? The moon, apparently.

A new study, published in Science Advances, says the lunar cycle influences our sleep cycle. Yup, on a night before a full moon, people go to bed later than they would on a normal basis. Not to mention, you get less sleep then, too.

98 participants living in Formosa, Argentina were initially studied to come up with the results of the paper. Each person's sleep patterns were tracked using wrist monitors. It was then repeated in Seattle with 464 college students.

"We see a clear lunar modulation of sleep, with sleep decreasing and a later onset of sleep in the days preceding a full moon. And although the effect is more robust in communities without access to electricity, the effect is present in communities with electricity, including undergraduates at the University of Washington," the researchers said.

At least now we have the moon to blame instead of all the aimless scrolling we do every night on our phones... though that probably isn't helping either.

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