Here’s Another Reason to Go Back to the Gym: Muscles Improve Your Immune System

They have positive effects in the body’s response against sickness and injury.
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Quarantine life has derailed the fitness routines of gym bunnies, health nuts, and fitfluencers around the world, and for some, it became the perfect excuse to ditch their fitness journey, a.k.a Road to Bikini Body 2020.

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But all you slackers should consider going back to the gym as muscles play a positive role in your immune system. Global healthcare company Abbott summarizes the connection, indicating how muscles produce compounds for immune cells and serve as storage for amino acids, which are used by the body during infection. 

In short, muscles aren’t just for your IG feed. They keep you healthy by improving your body’s response against sickness and injury.

The study, “Strengthening Health in Elderly Through Nutrition,” by Abbott, Changi General Hospital, and SingHealth Polyclinics further note how “every one-year increase in age over the age of 65 was associated with a 13 percent higher odds of having low muscle mass.” 

It’s a not-fun statistic that highlights the need to grow muscles now and hold on to them as you get older. Gym rats already know how to do this: Lift weights, eat enough protein, and get a lot of sleep. And if you want to go the extra mile, there’s also supplementation. Whatever you choose to do, this is certain: Muscles are a good thing. 

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