The World's Oldest Man Drank a Glass of Red Wine Every Single Day

If you want to live to 113, take note.
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Francisco Núñez Olivera, the oldest man on the planet and so-called "grandfather of the world," passed away last week at the venerable age of 113. He was the kind of man who loved a quiet life, spending all his many years in Bienvenida, the same picturesque Spanish town he was born in in 1904. As he once said three years before his death, "I still don't feel old. I am old, but I am not old." His is definitely a lifestyle worth copying. 

Olivera drank a glass of red wine a day, according to the Local Spain. He ate vegetables he grew in his own garden and took walks every day around his house before heading to bed around 8 p.m. every night—although some evenings he wanted to chat more than he wanted to sleep, his 81-year-old daughter told El Mundo in 2015. He hadn't had teeth since the '70s, but he still chowed down on milk and nutty sponge cake for breakfast—with Actimel, a fermented milk drink—fish or stew for lunch, yogurt for a snack, and hot cereal for dinner.

Olivera's daughter said he had "a gentle routine in a quiet village—being his own boss, not arguing with the family, and enjoying the good life—that revolved around the field, his house, and the village bar." Olivera himself once said his trick to longevity was “to work hard. To not be weak and stay in the house." 

Besides having really excellent genes—he is survived by his 95-year-old brother and 93-year-old sister—Olivera was an active and healthy man. His diet most interestingly was filled with probiotics from the Actimel and yogurt. Besides keeping your gut firing on all cylinders, probiotics have been found to boost your immune system, which may have helped Olivera fight off cold and flu in his older age. And red wine, the most appealing part of Olivera's diet, is chock full of antioxidants, which can ward off heart disease—and only one glass a day is pretty moderate. 


So let's raise a glass of Tempranillo to Francisco Núñez Olivera, a man who managed to make it to 113 years of age with a damn healthy outlook on life, a family who loved him, and plenty of trips down to the local bar.

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