Philippines Is in Top 10 of Countries With Most Searches for 'Coronavirus' on Pornhub


With the enhanced community quarantine now in full effect, most of us have no choice but to stay indoors and wait out the crisis. That means that we can expect the hours glued to our TVs and digital screens watching Netflix or other streaming sites to increase, at least, for those of us lucky enough to have Internet access at home. 

One other site that can expect a spike in its users is Pornhub. Arguably the world’s most popular site for adult video entertainment, Pornhub came out with a report last March 12 about how the coronavirus has affected its traffic and searches.

For one thing, searches for “coronavirus” and “covid” surged to 6.8 million over the last 30 days. We’re not exactly sure what people were expecting to find, but, FYI, coronavirus porn does exist (don’t ask us how we know).

Photo by PORNHUB.

One other interesting fact the study revealed is that users in the Philippines were 49 percent more likely to search for “coronavirus” on Pornhub compared to the world average. That’s enough to put us in 10th place of countries where coronavirus porn (or at least searches about it) is the most popular. The top country looking for that specific type of porn in the world is Slovakia, followed by Bulgaria, Ireland, Malaysia, Serbia, Austria, Portugal, Singapore, and Colombia.

Photo by PORNHUB.

Pornhub did confirm that traffic to its site grew. On March 11th, for example, worldwide traffic was 5.7 percent higher on the platform compared to a regular Wednesday.

But what the company found interesting is that users were visiting Pornhub at different times.

“At 2 a.m., traffic was 11 percent higher than usual, but dipped to negative nine percent below average at 8 a.m.," the report said. “Normally, 8 a.m. is one of the most popular times to visit Pornhub, but most likely, people who did not need to commute to work the next day stayed up later and slept in longer than they normally would. Traffic was a similar 11 percent above average at 1 p.m., then dipped negative six percent below at 4 p.m. Another increase of eight percent happened at 7 p.m.”

Pornhub tracked its traffic across multiple countries during the coronavius crisis, but highlighted what was happening in Italy, which is the hardest-hit country in Europe and has already closed its borders and announced a country-wide quarantine for its 60 million citizens.

As you can see in this graph, traffic to Pornhub in the country grew nine percent on March 9, 11 percent on March 10, and 13.8 percent on March 11.

Photo by PORNHUB.

As Forbes notes, the increase might very well be connected to the fact the Pornhub gave out free Premium subscriptions to Italians as well as announced that a percentage of proceeds from its Modelhub subsidiary will be donated to local Italian hospitals.

As for us here in the Philippines, well, we’re all for whatever keeps our citizens indoors to help contain the virus.

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