Learn How to Survive Everything—From Earthquakes to Zombie Invasions

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Earthquake swarms. Super typhoons that make Yolanda look like a sea breeze. The zombie apocalypse. Martial law. Short of moving into a nuclear-proof underground bunker, how does one prepare for any number of impending calamities that the population will surely face?

The first Tactical and Survival Expo on June 1 to 4 at SM Megamall will have the answers to that. And the products, too, to get you geared up for emergency scenarios where anything from the environment to the economy collapses. You’ve heard of GO bags, but they may be woefully inadequate for when things are at alert level SHTF. The INCH Bag (I’m Never Coming Home) will see you through civil unrest, invasions, floods, and divorce.

The TACS Expo is organized by Armscor, the largest firearms and ammunition manufacturer in the Philippines, who are also rolling out a new identity as Armscor Global Defense. As a defense company, they acknowledge thats arms and ammo are not the only tools for safety, security, and defense. Instead of driving only their own brands and products, Armscor Global Defense will offer these in the context of solutions, along with other complementary products. “The show will focus on preparedness. The most important factor for survival is information, knowing what to do and when to do it,” says Apa Ongpin, the communications consultant for Armscor.

Seminar and workshop topics include hand-to-hand combat, Filipino martial arts, survival nutrition, bushcraft skills, and how to grow your own food. An activity center will let you try your hand at Hunger Games-style weaponry like the slingshot, axe, lasso, and shuriken. Survival skills are useful in many emergencies and not just The Big One, and they’re also pretty good party tricks. 


The expanded Armscor supports the Filipino First campaign by promoting local manufacturing and self-reliance. “Our armed forces and police are totally reliant on imported stuff. Most of our weaponry and ready-to-eat meals are sourced from the U.S. We should be making these items for ourselves,” says Ongpin. “We’re now in a different relationship with the U.S. If one day they stop sending us these things, what will we do?” 

To this end, the Filipino Inventors Society will also have a booth at the expo, showcasing many  ingenious ideas and prototypes that may not yet be at commercial production, like a portable water purifier, a jackhammer that doesn’t require electricity, and a 15-foot boat that will not capsize in a tsunami. During a disaster, time is of essence and we can’t wait for imports to fly in. Let’s help our countrymen by arming ourselves—with preparedness.


The 1st Tactical and Survival Expo: A Safety, Security and Survival Show for Sustainable Living will be held on June 1-4 at the SM Megatrade Hall at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong. Entrance is free with registration.

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