The 10 trendiest workouts of 2016

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Despite an addicting election, more than a few celebrity breakups, and Ryan Lochte's many misadventures, Americans still detached themselves from their computers long enough to...log back onto their computers to Google trendy workouts. Whether they actually did those workouts or not is up for debate.

Regardless, these are the top 10 most-searched workouts of 2016.

1. Cize workout

Cize, as in CIZE, as in exer-cize, is a dance workout, but not like those sissy Zumba classes. You actually learn intense dance choreography, so they say.

2. Rotator cuff exercises

Apparently, 2016 was a year for bum shoulders. Rotator cuff exercises help prevent shoulder injuries, and they ease pain if a shoulder injury has already occurred. It's really more rehabilitation than workout.

3. Eight-minute back workout

It wasn't a great year for back pain, either, and eight minutes seems as good a workout length as any.

4. Steve Reeves workout

Steve Reeves was a professional bodybuilder and at one point, the highest-paid actor in Europe. His philosophy for bodybuilding was simple: pump iron, and don't use anabolic steroids. That's how he got that chest.

5. Triceps workout

Not to be mistaken with biceps workout.

6. Leg exercises

Because sitting at a desk all day doesn't do anyone's lower half any favors.

7. Shoulder exercises

Once you've recovered from a shoulder injury, building muscle mass can help prevent a second injury.

8. Ab workout

Good call. 

9. Ectomorph workout

In the muscle building scene, an ectomorph is a body type: someone with a small, delicate frame, thin, lean muscles, and a fast metabolism. It's hard for an ectomorph to put on weight, including muscle weight, so workouts are short and intense.


10. Forearm workout

To complement the triceps.

And that's a wrap on getting fit in 2016.

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