Study Shows Vegans Are Weaker Than Meat Eaters

According to a new study.

We've all heard it before: too much of anything isn't good for anyone. Apparently, that includes greens, too. (Heads up, vegans and vegetarians.) Yup, eating a plant-based diet makes you much weaker than meat-eaters.

A new study, published in BMC Medicine, found that vegans have lower calcium and protein intakes which makes them more susceptible to fractures anywhere in the body. Not even pescetarians were safe from the results as they were also found to have a higher risk of hip fractures.

Data from participants stretching from 18 years on average was reviewed. Out of 54,898 participants, 29,380 ate meat, 8,037 ate fish but not meat, 15,499 were vegetarians, and 1,982 were vegans. On average, 3,941 fractures occurred with plant-based munchers.

"We found that vegans had a higher risk of total fractures which resulted in close to 20 more cases per 1,000 people over a 10-year period compared to people who ate meat," says lead author Dr. Tammy Long.

She continues, "The biggest differences were for hip fractures, where the risk in vegans was 2.3 times higher than in people who ate meat, equivalent to 15 more cases per 1000 people over 10 years."

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