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This Easy Exercise is Apparently a Better Way to Burn Body fat Than Running

We'll take it.
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The ethos 'no pain, no gain' holds a lot of credence within the health and fitness world, but what if we were to tell you that taking it easy can often be a more effective method?

Personal trainer and nutritionist to the stars Harley Pasternak has revealed that walking is actually the best way to burn body fat.

Speaking to Business Insider, Harley explains that although you'll burn more calories per minute with more intense forms of cardio like running, more of these will come from non-fat sources in your body. But if you want to work on shifting some of your excess fat, low intensity cardio is your guy because it heads straight to your fat reserves and starts burning there.

Harley also says that those who push themselves too hard with their exercise are more likely to to reach for a sugary or fatty snack as a reward.


Personally, we think a good power-walk is the best option—but only because it looks funny and we like seeing people do it.

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