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Why joining a boxing bag class is a brilliant way to burn

Torch over 700 calories in less than an hour with this boxing circuit.
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Tired of your slow burn on the treadmill? Time for something that packs a little more punch.

Bag classes could be the next fitness trend to take over Manila. The concept is fairly simple: Each student in a class is assigned to a punching bag; from there, it’s a game of Simon Says with the trainer leading the class. If the trainer says “Jab-jab-straight-jab-straight 10 times,” then you do it. It seems simple enough, but there’s more to these classes than simply punching.

At Flyweight, a new “boutique boxing” gym in Bonifacio Global City, they hold 1-hour bag classes where you’re pretty much punching, weaving, and sweating the entire time. Plus, they incorporate burpees, lunges, shuffles, push-ups, and ab exercises into the punch combinations, giving you a full-body workout (jab-straight-burpee-uppercut-hook-shuffle-straight, anyone?). And you’ll do all these to the soundtrack of fast-paced music pumping through the speakers.


“It’s not a ‘petiks’ workout. It’s very dynamic,” says Enzo Tanedo, Operations Chief at Flyweight, BGC. “It’s a very efficient way to workout.”

Efficient seems like an understatement, as these bag classes offer plenty of benefits.

First of all, you’ll be sweating puddles. A one-hour heavy bag session burns 422 calories for a 155lbs man, according to Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. The addition of compound movements like burpees works even more muscle groups in your body, yielding more work output on your part and more calories burned.

Secondly, it’s done in a class setting. Research published in the 2010 Journal of Social Sciences found that people gravitate toward the fitness behavior of those around them. So if those around you are pushing hard in training, then you’re likely do the same, the research suggests.

Another huge boost is the use of music. According to a 2016 study by researchers at the University of British Columbia, playing music may make it easier for athletes to adopt high-intensity training.

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All these factors add up to one thing: You getting a killer workout that’s fun and dynamic. Not convinced? Then put “Eye of the Tiger” on blast and try this sample workout.

Instructions: Do each combination non-stop for one minute before going to the next. Repeat the process per combination til you’re done with all three. That’s one round. Do 3-5 rounds depending on your capabilities, resting for 30 seconds to 1 minute between rounds:

Combination 1: Jab-straight-hook-burpee

Combination 2: Straight-hook-straight-weave-straight-hook-squat

Combination 3: Jab-lead elbow-knee with back leg-lunge on left leg-lunge on right leg

If you’re a beginner, try doing each combination for 10 repetitions until you complete 1 round. Rest, then do another round. Go for 3-5 rounds. If you don’t have a punching bag, then shadow boxing works as well. Do it today!

For more comprehensive workouts like this one or to schedule a session at Flyweight, BGC, message [email protected] or [email protected] Check them out on social media @flyweight on Instagram and at

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