Rescue Your Best Friend From A Broken Heart with Heartbreak Insurance

It’s a real insurance product for people with broken hearts.

The highest number of breakups around the world occurs from December to Valentine’s Day in February, according to Lorenzo Chan, president of Pioneer Insurance. In case you become part of that statistic, you can cushion your heartbreak with a new insurance policy called Heartbreak Insurance.  

Heartbreak Insurance is a real insurance product developed by Saphron and Pioneer Insurance. It covers heartbreaks caused by relationship breakups, cancellation of dates, or when your wedding is canceled, among other love-related disasters.

For only P300, you can insure yourself or your best friend if you think their partner is a jerk, or if you anticipate something that will get your celebration canceled.

How does heartbreak insurance work?

Couples don’t have to break up to receive the benefits of Heartbreak Insurance. To be covered by Heartbreak Insurance, couples must meet the following requirements:

  • You and your partner must be at least 18 years old
  • You and your partner must have been in a relationship for at least six months
  • Your policy must be activated within 90 days of receiving the activation e-mail
  • For events such as dinner dates, weddings, etc., your celebration date must be no less than 14 days and no more than one year away from your policy’s activation

When you claim your insurance benefit, you will be sent a gift certificate for a one-night stay for two persons at a partner hotel.

There is no cash benefit because according to founder Lorenzo Chan, “You cannot put a price tag on heartbreaks.”

What are the circumstances covered by Heartbreak Insurance?

The following are covered by Heartbreak Insurance:

  • Relationship breakups
  • Death of your partner or immediate family member
  • Disasters such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, lighting, falling aircraft, road accidents, and explosions rendering the declared venue unfit for the insured event
  • Flight cancellations that affect the insured event
  • Sudden and unexpected business trips unknown to you and your partner
  • Unforeseen serious injury or sickness of you or your partner
  • Automobile breakdown on the day of the insured event

How can I prove that I am in a genuine relationship?

The developers of Heartbreak Insurance wanted to make sure that everything is simple and quick about their product and wanted to get rid of all the pages of paperwork and fineprint that traditional insurance companies sell.

To prove that you’re in a relationship, all you have to do is present a screenshot of your Facebook relationship status. You may also send a screenshot of your public declaration of love on social media.  

If you don’t like the simplicity of those two things, you may also send Heartbreak Insurance a scanned or photographed copy of your marriage certificate, joint bank statement, joint lease statement, and joint utility statements.

How can I prove that I am heartbroken?

Conversely, you may also prove that you’ve just gone through a breakup by sending a screenshot of your Facebook relationship status and testimonials from two of your friends saying that you are no longer in a relationship.

Watch this video about Heartbreak Insurance.

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For more information about Heartbreak Insurance, visit their Facebook page.

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