How to Wrap Your Dog to Keep Him Calm When Fireworks Are Going Off

It keeps them calm and lowers their anxiety caused by fireworks.
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New Year’s Eve is probably the worst night of a dog’s year. Loud noises and explosions really amp their anxiety and may even traumatize them. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick you can do to calm your dog’s nerves. It’s called a thundershirt.

A thundershirt is a vest that is worn by dogs to keep them calm. It acts like a swaddle that makes dogs feel safe and cuddled, especially when there are loud noises such as fireworks. Some pet shops have thundershirts for dogs, but don’t worry if you can’t buy one. You can easily make one using spandex, scarves, or something similar.

To make a calming doggy wrap, just follow the five easy steps below by Doggy Drawings by Lili Chin.


You can do a half-wrap for your dog, which should be possible using a lengthy scarf.  You don’t need to cover your dog’s entire body because what’s important is the sensation of the wrap.


While this homemade wrap is effective for calming your dog, don’t overuse it, otherwise, your dog will habituate wearing it and will lose awareness of its presence, especially if it’s worn too long. You can let your dog wear it until the fireworks have abated. If your dog is uncomfortable wearing it, take it off.

Other things you can do to keep your dog calm is to allow him inside the house, keep him distracted, or keep close to him. You can always let your dog hide under the table or inside a box and give him blankets to feel safe.

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