Apparently, Filipino Women Go to Pornhub a Lot

Pornhub, the biggest adult website on the planet, is turning out to be much bigger than a place where people get their kinks. Described by New York Magazine as the "Kinsey Report of our time," it has become a terrific source for analyzing sexual behavior. 

For example, in another New York Magazine report, the 10-year-old Pornhub revealed how 2007 was the Year of the MILF, 2008 was the Year of Squirting, 2011 was the Year of the Ass, and so on. In case you're curious, 2017 is the Year of Hentai. 

One little tidbit we picked up was the detail on Filipino women. As the social media capital of the world, it's not surprising that most Pornhub users access the site through smartphones and that "romantic sex" doesn't figure high in the numbers (the website is called Pornhub after all), but apparently, Filipino women are pretty active Pornhub visitors.

Among Pornhub users in the Philippines, 35% are women. It's a percentage that ties us with Brazil. 

Though not limited to the Philippines, the analysis also notes that women are "96% more likely than men to use dad-related search terms" and "46% more likely than men to search for 'big dick' videos."

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