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Study Shows the Uglier the Man, the Bigger the Engagement Ring

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Planning to put a ring on it? Your choice of bling before popping the question might say more about you than you think.

According to a study by Jaime Cloud and Madalyn Taylor of Western Oregon University published in the Evolutionary Psychological Science, women prefer bigger rings from uglier men.


“Men are more likely to buy expensive engagement rings for attractive women, but women expect more expensive rings from unattractive men,” said the study’s press release.

Apparently, a big rock can make up for a face only a mother could love.

The experiment included 590 male and female participants with an average age of 30 years old. Each person was given a picture of a person of the opposite sex along with basic information of the person. They were then asked to imagine that they were the significant other of this person, and the men and women were asked to match the faces of attractive and unattractive people with rings of varying sizes.


The results showed women were willing to settle for not-so-handsome men so long as the ring was big enough. According to the researchers, a man’s “ratings can be upped by another form of compensation, such as being financially better off." The results also corroborated previous studies on how men use financial success as a tool to attract desirable mates.

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Interestingly enough, the female participants who considered themselves attractive were more likely to expect larger rings regardless of the looks of the person in the photo.

So there you go. Science has spoken. If she can’t look at your face, at least she can look at her big ass ring.

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