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Swipe Right on Dog Dads on Bumble, Because This Study Says They're More Likely to Settle Down

Dogs, the ultimate wingman.

A few years ago, “dogfishing” became a thing after a host of single men started adding pictures with dogs on their dating profiles to get more matches. The catch? The dogs weren’t theirs, but these shameless fellas knew the pups would up their game as dogs make everyone appear more likable—and attractive. Heck, there's even an entire Instagram account dedicated to Hot Dudes With Dogs™.

That assumption has held true, and a new study has found that men who pose with their dogs in their dating profile actually are more likely to want a long-term relationship. 

The study, which was published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, was led by psychologist Maryanne Fisher of Saint Mary’s University, Canada. The professor analyzed 750 dating profiles, categorizing profiles between those who were looking for something serious and those who were looking for flings.

Of the profiles that were looking for a long-term relationship, eight out of 10 had photos of their dog on their dating profile. Meanwhile, only five out of 10 of those looking for flings had dog photos on their profile. And instead of pups, those looking for flings were more likely to display “their chests, their motorcycles, their boats, and the big fish they caught on the weekend” on their profiles. Testosterone overload. 

So why is it dog dads are more likely to settle down and appeal to women and men? Well, responsibility, for one. Dogs are essentially permanent toddlers that require love, affection, and commitment. So photos with a dog on your dating profile are sending a clear message. 


“Keeping a dog alive is a huge investment. It is an investment financially, but also you have to walk it and care for it and keep something alive,” said Fisher to The Times. “By showing these pictures perhaps they’re thinking, ‘OK women, you’ll see these and infer that I’m willing to do the same things in our relationship.’”

That’s a pretty strong message for the fish in the dating pool. Millennial dating can often feel like a guessing game as no one is ever quite upfront with their intentions anymore, but if you want to send a subtle message, let the dog pics do the talking for you. 

Best case scenario, you find someone looking for a serious relationship. Worst case scenario, your match would rather meet your dog than you. But is that really so bad? Either way, it’s a win-win situation for the pups that get all the attention.

Photo by UNSPLASH.
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