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Filipinos Ranked 3rd Sexiest People in the World

Filipinos are among the world's most attractive people.
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Filipinos are among the world's most attractive people, according to a survey by content marketing company, Big Media 7. The survey ranked Filipinos ranks as 3rd sexiest nationality in the world.

A blurb on the number 3 spot about FIlipinos says: "Probably the most famous Filipino in the world, professional boxer Manny Pacquiao along with Bruno Mars and the many Miss World participants make this a top scorer."

The list, consisting of 50 nationalities all over the world, was published on its website on June 28, 2019. Big Media 7.

According to the content marketing company, their respondents were not given criteria for evaluation. "So, interpretation of the word [sexy] was up to them," the site explained. They associated Pinoys' high ranking with the successes of globally acclaimed personalities such as Manny Pacquiao, Bruno Mars, and "the many Miss Universe participants." 

Ukrainians ranked number 1, followed by the Danish at number 2. Other Asians on the list are the Japanese (19th) and the Malaysians (25th). 


In 2015, Filipino women ranked 8th sexiest in the world in a suvery conducted by

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