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Here's What Filipino Women Are Viewing on Pornhub

It looks like they're not too interested in fellow Filipinos.
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In its 2018 Year in Review report, adult content platform Pornhub revealed that among its 20 most active markets, the Philippines had the highest proportion of female users. Filipino women made up 38 percent of the total Filipino visitors in Pornhub, much higher than the global figure of 29 percent.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Pornhub released a follow-up report that further breaks down what its female visitors are viewing. While most of its statistics focused on women in the U.S., the website did reveal a few interesting insights about its Filipina users.

For one, the most viewed category for Filipino women is Japanese. It’s a favorite they share with women from most other Southeast Asian countries as well as China, South Korea, and—of course—Japan.

Pornhub also revealed the top three relative categories for its biggest female markets, which it described as the video categories “that are proportionately more likely to be viewed by women [in the country] compared to other women around the world.” In other words, it’s the topics and kinks that women from a certain country prefer much more than their peers.

For Filipinas, at the top of the list was “Romantic,” which they were 233 percent more likely to view than other female Pornhub users. “Behind the Scenes” was not far behind at 204 percent, and “Verified Couples” completed the top three at 160 percent.

One interesting absence in the top three: “Filipino.” Of the 20 countries reported in the study, at least half of them had their respective nationalities as a top relative category. Female users from Brazil, for example, were 862 percent more likely to view “Brazilian” content, while women from India were 1,787 percent more likely to view “Indian” videos.

But Filipina women don’t seem to be as interested in their own peers. It’s a trait they share with Argentinian women, whose top relative category was “Verified Models,” as well as with female users from the Netherlands, where neighboring “German” figured in their top three, but not “Dutch.”

In 2018, Pornhub recorded a total of 33.5 billion visits to its platform, which is about 92 million visits each day.

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