Study Shows Flirting With Coworkers Reduces Stress

But flirt with caution, folks.

A little tomfoolery in the office every now and then never hurt anyone. But if you really want to relieve workplace stress, science says engaging in workplace flirtation yields even better results. Yep, according to a new study, flirting with coworkers reduces stress.

The study published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes says positive social sexual behavior such as "light-hearted flirtation and banter" reduces stress levels. Surveys taken from workers in the U.S., Canada, and the Philippines were analyzed to come up with the solution.

"Some flirting is happening, and it seems pretty benign," said Lea Sheppard, the first author on the paper. "Even when our study participants disliked the behavior, it still didn't reach the threshold of sexual harassment. It didn't produce higher levels of stress, so it is a very different conceptual space."

What exactly do we do with this information?

"What we found is that when flirtation is enjoyed, it can offer some benefits: it makes people feel good about themselves, which can then protect them from stressors in their lives," said Sheppard.

If that wasn't clear enough, the flirtation should be mutual. After all, the line between flirtation and harassment is an incredibly thin one. So, flirt with caution, folks.

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