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Hayden Kho on What Makes a Good Father

Plus, the photos of this father-daughter pair that didn't make the cover.
IMAGE Joseph Pascual

“What I’ve been noticing is that some parents, because they’re very busy with so many things, they outsource raising their kids. They outsource it to nannies, to aunties, to schools, to social media, to YouTube. And I think that’s a fatal error.”


“I don’t think that there is anything intrinsically wrong or evil with social media. I think it’s what you do with it that makes it good or bad. So I think that the best way is to not deny that social media is there or pretend that it doesn’t exist. I think that the best way is to harness it—to embrace it.”



“My father taught me the value of patience and kindness, especially in the context of relationships. My dad taught me that for relationships to work, it requires patience, and that there is no reason, no excuse for anyone to be unkind.”

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“I think a good father is someone who knows how to love a child rightly. Because loving doesn’t always look good. Sometimes, loving looks awful.”

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