7 Sex Toys, Games, and Positions to Explore in 2022


As you take stock of the past 12 months, you may find yourself yearning for intimacy and more exciting sex—and what better time to explore these desires than the start of a new year. The theme for 2022 is uncovering your sexual desires and going after them. Whether you’re looking to explore role play, new positions, or expand your collection of toys, these sex-positive tips will lead you to better (and hopefully more) orgasms in the new year.

Put a Ring on It



The vibrating Deimos cock ring from JimmyJane is giving new meaning to “wearable tech.” Put on the Deimos during penetrative sex to provide pleasure for both you and your partner. It stimulates multiple erogenous zones at once—including the clitoris for her—thanks to its vibrating motors in each ear.

And regardless of your relationship status, make time to try out the Deimos alone. The toy provides vibrations for the entire penis, by simultaneously stimulating the perineum and balls. It’s also water-proof—meaning it’s great for next-level shower masturbation. “From a medical and psychological perspective, setting aside time for this form of self-care is important to physical and emotional health,” says George Zgourides, MD, PsyD, family physician, and clinical psychologist.

Role Play

It’s totally normal to have sexual fantasies that turn you on. It’s also normal to be unsure if you want to act on those fantasies in real life. When you have a partner who is down to play, you can explore all of these fantasies safely and with consent through role-playing. “Humans are wired for variety and change. This certainly applies in the bedroom,” Dr. Zgourides says. “Explorations of fantasies, changes of scenery, and alterations of roles can enhance intimacy in a monogamous relationship.”

Try setting up an evening dedicated to role playing. You and your current partner can write down characters, personalities, and fantasies on scraps of paper and put them in a bowl. Draw one and engage in conversation, foreplay, and sex as the roles you pulled.


Inviting a third into the bedroom can be an exciting way to liven up your sex life—but no one wants to be the creepy couple at the bar scaring away all the single ladies. To find a threesome partner, try apps explicitly created for hook-ups. You may also benefit from attending poly cocktail mixers or kink parties in your city. Once you find a third, make sure to discuss boundaries with everyone involved. Prepare for unexpected emotions to arise during, before, or after the experience.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a judgement-free space to not only embrace your desires—whether it’s an open relationship or finally exploring that fetish—but also to learn how to practice them safely. With the rise of sex positivity and online therapy, there’s never been a better or more affordable time to work with a sex-friendly therapist. With the help of a trusted confidant, you can work through any lingering shame holding you back from trying your kinks. And, if you want to explore a new relationship format or sex with another gender, a sex therapist can help you navigate the complex emotions that may come up during this time. Life is short, and you deserve to have the sex life of your dreams.


Neptune 2


Give your prostate the love it deserves with Neptune 2, the prostate massager from JimmyJane. This high-tech sex toy offers dual prostate and perineum stimulation to deliver intense and even multiple prostate orgasms. “The prostate gland is a pleasure center for many men. They might enjoy exploring their prostate during sexual activity as a means of intensifying orgasms,” Dr. Zgourides says.

And, if you’re curious about prostate play but unsure where to start, this sex toy coupled with a quality lubricant is a safe way to start exploring. “Some men are hesitant about anything involving anal/rectal penetration. Proper education, instruction, and reassurance are key to overcoming any hang-ups regarding embarrassment, fear of pain, or additional uncomfortable associations with prostate play,” Dr. Zgourides says.

Dirty Talk

You may be craving diversity in your sex life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to bring in another person or even a costume. “Dirty talk (sometimes also loosely known as narratophilia) can be quite sexually arousing to couples,” Dr. Zgourides says. “Humans form self-generated sexual images and fantasies based on many different factors, including aural stimulation.” You can use dirty talk as an act of foreplay. It can also look like name-calling, such as the dominant “daddy.” If your partner is into degradation, you can call them all sorts of filthy names during sex. And, if you’re curious about something like a threesome but not ready to try it, simply integrate the fantasy into dirty talk. Tell your partner everything you imagine them doing and see where the exploration takes you.

Missionary Reimagined

In 2022, we’re asking you to take a look at missionary through kinkier eyes. Shake up the tried and true position with everything we’ve already mentioned: role play, sex toys, dirty talk. Make direct eye contact, whisper naughty words into your partner’s ear, and add a JimmyJane sex toy for vibrating missionary. And, think of all of the things you can do with your partner’s legs. Missionary is anything but vanilla, rather a sex position that allows for intense yet intimate primal play.

With 12 months of the year, you’ve got plenty of time to explore sexually. Now you just have to decide where you'll start.

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