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How to Stop Cheating: Six Practical Ways to Stop Doing the Wrong Thing

These are the six ways you can stop cheating (based on psychology, former cheaters, and practical sense).

As early as grade school, we’ve been taught that cheating is wrong, and as we grow older, we come to understand why—as well as become aware of its many forms. Not cheating is not the panacea to making a relationship work, there are a whole lot of other factors that make it work

Cheating in relationships, in particular, is often attributed to human weakness. Even the most righteous men cheat, knowing that it is wrong and what it can do to their partners. Sometimes, all it takes is one click to ruin your relationship. There are ways to keep yourself from cheating, and many of them involve getting to the bottom of why you’re thinking of doing it in the first place.

1| Work on the relationship.

In a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, 77 percent of respondents admitted that they cheated because they have “fallen out of love” with their partners. It simply means that staying in love is a decision. While some relationships may feel like the culmination of things magically falling into place, keeping them going takes actual work. If you fall out of love, that’s on you. Cheat-proof your relationship by making an effort to make things feel new again from time to time. Doing the work keeps you invested, and you won’t have time to think of anybody else.

2| Avoid situations that would make it easy for you to cheat.

We're not talking about micro-cheating, but yeah, that could be a reason or trigger. One of the best tips on how to stop cheating is to know your triggers. “But how would I even know?” you might ask. First, uninstall the hidden Tinder app if there's any on your phone (nearly half of its users aren't even single). Then, be honest with yourself: After-office drinks with the boys and the cute new girl from marketing? Working overtime when you know that she is, too? Making yourself available to drive her home? Don’t lie. Do you really just want to be friends? Go home.


3| Find better friends.

When one or more of your closest friends have cheated, are cheating, or have told you they have been thinking of cheating, be the guy that tells them it’s not worth it. If, however, their “women” continue to be a favorite topic on nights out, maybe do yourself a favor and spend more time with people who don’t see cheating as a norm and way of life.

4| Master your emotions.

You know how in movies, when something really emotional happens—someone gets fired, or has problems at home, or wants revenge—they somehow end up making out with the person who happens to be there? It happens in real life, too. Owning up to your emotions and not bottling them up could help keep you from falling into the arms of a rando. Practice meditation. Get to the bottom of your feelings and take the actual appropriate action, not the one that would make you momentarily forget you had them.

5| Don’t bring a condom.

Assuming you are a decent human being and using protection is a default mode for you, not carrying a condom everywhere could help keep you from being so emboldened. It’s the male equivalent of women wearing granny panties or not shaving their legs when they don’t particularly want to have sex with their dates—it’s not for the date, it’s for themselves. Do it for you. Don’t make it so easy for yourself. Nothing kills the mood like having to drive to a store to buy something that would help you ruin your relationship.

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6| Think of the long-term consequences.

The damage you do is damage to you. If you're thinking about how to stop cheating, it is effective to make an inward reflection of its consequences. What can cheating do to me? Thinking of what it could do to your relationship might not help at all, because let's be honest, we know what it can do. Instead, think of yourself. Doing something so hurtful to another person, a person you supposedly love, will only hurt you the most. You might never recover from it, and after she breaks up with you, you would roam the Earth and dating apps looking for a chance to do better, but never quite redeeming yourself to the person that matters most.

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