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How to Give the Right Kind of Flowers on Valentine's Day (and Where to Get Them)

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Let's be honest. Valentine's Day is an ordeal for most men who do all the necessary traditions mainly because they want to skip a fight. Apart from the sudden mark-up on flower prices, there's the traffic to speak of, the difficulty of getting a dinner reservation, and the possibility of missing that meal thanks to the aforementioned road situation. It's not the most convenient of holidays, which is probably why, despite all the advances in the gift industry, flowers and chocolates continue to rule. 

But classic doesn't have to be cliched. If you're going to get by with red roses, make sure they're the best darn red roses you can find. If you want to be playful, make sure that your floral choices send the right message. A yellow rose means friendzone while delicate pink tulips express a little more. This year, be a better flower giver. Be a better man. 

Skip the baby's breath

Beware of these dainty white flowers. While you'll probably see them at most of the weddings you're attending, they quickly cheapen the look of an arrangement--probably because they are pretty affordable. Baby's breath are known to be the ultimate arrangement fillers and the message they convey is that you're trying to cheat volume. If you must use fillers, go for more elegant ones like Queen Anne's Lace, snapdragons, or larkspur that will add style to the overall effect of the arrangement. Heather flowers are said to express admiration so you might want to throw that in. 


Or skip the fillers entirely. Anna York's tinted Ecuadorians (with roses bearing green and orange hues) are certainly stunning, especially when they're laid out in a minimalist box that lets the blooms do all the work.  

Go for contemporary

Tried-and-tested florists like Margarita Fores' Fiori di M and Maria Parsons' Lanai go for truly opulent pieces that could very well be considered artwork. Roses are an option, but you'll see their arrangements use all sorts of picturesque mums, dahlias, orchids, and berries. All very sexy, all will definitely take her breath away.

These contemporary floral settings can work with you to fit the personality of the lucky recipient, from your sweet mom to your dreamy wife. 

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Pick your flowers. Roses will always rule.

While you can be creative, it's best to remember that flowers always mean something else. You can be cute with a daisy bouquet, but that's more crush than anything else. It's really hard to top a classic and roses are a fail-safe. Flora MNL specializes in a variety of Ecuadorian roses, all specifically picked to set the right mood for the season. They say reds indicate romance and passion, and you won't find any rose deeper than the ones you'll find here. A sweet light pink hints at admiration for the guy who's just starting to make his move while cream supposedly reminds them of your thoughtfulness. You're in luck. Flora MNL has creamy ivory roses lined in luscious pink for double the impact. Because they get their blooms straight from the source, they're much more affordable even considering the Valentine rush.

Or, enchant her with purple roses. Petalier boasts flowers in stunning candy-hued pastels. They come in simple arrangements for maximum impact. If you're feeling sentimental, get the Eternity Box, which features a singular rose in the color of your choice that lasts months. 


If you're going to play cheesy, go all out.

Pump up the romance by chasing after their childhood dreams. All the girls are swooning over the live-action adaptation of Beauty and The Beast so there is no better time to let her live out a real-life fairytale with Rossa's glass-domed roses. It lasts about a year, but you can be sure your love will last longer. Available in a plethora of colors, you can charm every woman in your life.

Be funny.

While flowers will still probably tug at a heartstring or two, some women are averse to Valentine bouquets. Go be a little silly and sweet instead. Lazy Bastard offers bacon roses, crispy, curled, and delicious. For the woman whose heart can't be swayed, go for the stomach. 


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