Men Think They're Better Liars Than Women, According to Study


Researchers at the University of Portsmouth found that men are twice as likely to consider themselves good at lying than women. Not just that, men also think they're better at getting away with it.

The study involved 194 men and women with an average age of 39. Participants were quizzed with a series of questions with regard to "how many lies they'd told in the past 24 hours, the type of lies they'd told, who to, and whether they'd done so face-to-face or via other means."

Lead researcher Dr. Brianna Verigin, at the University of Portsmouth conducted the finding. "We found a significant link between expertise at lying and gender. Men were more than twice as likely to consider themselves expert liars who got away with it," she says.

But, what exactly makes a good liar?

"Prolific liars rely on a great deal on being good with words, weaving their lies into truths, so it becomes hard for others to distinguish the difference, and they're also better than most at hiding lies within apparently simple, clear stories which are harder for others to doubt," says Dr. Verigin.

Interestingly, the study also found that one of the most popular key strategies when it comes to lying is to tell plausible lies that stay close to the truth. Other most common types include white lies, exaggerations, hiding information, burying lies in truths, and making things up.

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