Apparently, Men Who Care About the Environment Are More Attractive to Women


Forget about looking like a Greek god, being smart, and having a sense of humor. What women want are guys that care about the environment if a new study published in the journal Psychology and Marketing is to be believed.

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OK, women falling head over falls just because you're into the environment is a reach. The real thing the study highlights is the fact that what women are attracted to is pro-green consumption which is seen as a signal of commitment. 

“Our findings suggest that green consumption is an honest signal of men's long?term mating value and that it is a more reliable sign of partner commitment than of father commitment,” says authors Sylvie Borau, Leila Elgaaied-Gambier, and Camilla Barbarossa.

It's also pretty rare to find a guy that's into living ethically as only 59 percent of men try to do so. Now, compare that to 71 percent of women that have eco-friendly habits such as recycling, planting, and more.

Along with being committed, more often than not being into sustainability and climate change means someone is selfless. That alone is already a great quality to have when it comes to relationships and parenting.

Don't know where to start? Try cutting out plastic and see where it goes from there.

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