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Should You Grow a Beard to Attract Women? Study Says It Depends

Men with beard are more attractive to women if the women are not easily disgusted by parasites.

Men with beards have traditionally been regarded as more attractive to women. In a 2013 study, it was revealed that men with beards appeared more attractive to some women, while clean-shaven faces were found to be less attractive.

But apparently, that’s not always the case.  A new study found that women who have higher levels of disgust towards parasitic or pestilential creatures like flies, maggots, cockroaches, and other pathogens are more likely to find hairy men less attractive.

Men’s attractiveness is not all about appearing more masculine, as traditional science would suggest. It is also about natural selection: Would your partner likely die from parasites possibly living in your beard?

According to a report by CNN, this is a plausible explanation as to why some women find less hairy men more attractive: Humans evolved less hair to prevent parasites from proliferating.

If your partner has a high level of intolerance towards ticks, lice, and flies, chances are she would have the same level of intolerance for your facial hair. 

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