According to Science, The More You Think About Sex the Worse You Are at It

The research looked into what caused 'harmonious sexual passion.'

Whilst there are plenty of vague tips about how to be a better lover out there, it's always better when these things are backed up with some nice solid science.

In a study into sexual satisfaction, researchers found that good sexual chemistry came down to 'harmonious sexual passion', defined as "passion for sex that is well integrated and in harmony with other aspects of the self, creating minimal conflict with other areas of life".

Kind of makes sense, right?

The study tested responses to sexual words such as 'breast' 'vibrator' and 'intercourse' and found that those who were able to show greater control over their sex drive and not become distracted by sexual stimulus scored more highly in harmonious sexual passion.

What about the less harmonious lot? Well, they found that people who had an "obsessive sexual passion" struggled to integrate their sexuality into other areas of their life and thought of sex as a goal, which could "limit enjoyment".

A link was found between obsessive sexual passion and a tendency toward alternative partners, bad reactions to rejection, and the breakdown of relationships.

In short, anyone obsessively thinking or worrying too much about sex was less likely to enjoy it. No real shocker that.

FromEsquire UK

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