Safe Can Also Be Wild And Not Boring! Fitness Coach Debunks These 5 Myths About A Healthy Sex Life

Myth: Condoms aren't that effective

Safe Can Also Be Wild And Not Boring! Fitness Coach Debunks These 5 Myths About A Healthy Sex Life

Just about everyone has come across at least one or two sex myths as they grow curious about matters of sexual pleasure. Whether or not you’re a beginner, it’s essential to get the facts straight and rid of beliefs that might have unknowingly held you back from exploring your desires. Besides, it’s more fun and freeing to be wild during sexy times by yourself or with a partner when you have a better grasp on how to make it safe.

Enzo Bonoan, fitness and nutrition coach, talks about a few of the most well-known sex myths to help shed light on the truth, as well as share a few tips that might come in handy for your own personal time!

MYTH #1 Sex isn't as good with a condom

Sex is more than just the physical aspect; both the body and mind must be stimulated to perform this action. It’s tricky to be in the moment when you and your partner are sidetracked by worries about STI transmission or unintended pregnancy. On the other hand, if comfort is the issue, you can lubricate your condom for a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

According to Enzo, “At the end of the day, it’s better [to be] safe than sorry, especially if it’s for pleasure. Risk-free—or lower-risk, to be more exactsex can be enjoyable too.”

MYTH #2 Condoms aren't that effective

The fact remains: using condoms is way better than nothing. Enzo argues, “While condoms are not 100% going to prevent any STIs and unwanted pregnancies, they’re still statistically a huge deterrent. It can’t be ignored that it can be quite reliable for the most part.”

Here are a few tips to lessen the chances of a broken condom: Keep it from prolonged exposure to light, heat, and air; make sure to check on the expiration date; and use water or silicone-based lube, which do not break down condom material, unlike oil-based ones.

MYTH #3 Touching yourself has no benefits

On the contrary, masturbation is more than just feeling good. It can help alleviate a variety of issues like stress, menstrual cramps, and muscle tension. When you experience an orgasm, your body releases endorphins and dopamine, which are hormones that also block pain and help you sleep better. Enzo notes, “It doesn’t have to be seen as such a big deal. Just be careful that it does not become an addiction though!”

MYTH #4 You shouldn't pleasure yourself if you're in an adult relationship

Although it’s important to share sexual feelings with your partner, it also takes maturity to understand why a person may need a private moment to explore sexually—whether it be for stress relief, to manage differences in sexual drive, or simply to make yourself feel good. Enzo says, “If that’s what you and your partner are into, then I think that’s quite fine! Whatever floats your boat.”

MYTH #5 No need for lubricant when using a condom

Some women produce less vaginal lubrication that aids in intercourse for various reasons. Using lubricant can be a big help in not only enhancing the sexual experience but also preventing the condom from tearing.

"While some condoms come with lubricant, having a little bit extra can make the experience much better. Rubber is still different from bare skin, so it can feel a bit rough at times during the act." Enzo adds, "For me, having lubricant on hand can help keep the good times rolling instead of it becoming an unpleasant experience."

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