Yes, Most Women Think That Listening to Joe Rogan Is a Major Turnoff

Millennial and Gen Z women see it as a red flag in their partners.

Big fan of The Joe Rogan Experience? Well, this news isn't exactly the kind of thing you want to read when you're dating.

California-based polling firm Change Research recently surveyed about 1,000 voters in the United States. Here, the group investigated whether or not political leanings, cultural trends, and more play a factor in dating. Suffice it to say, they do. The results are pretty damning for Joe Rogan fanboys and Barbie haters, really.

Apparently, 55 percent of millennial and Gen Z women were turned off by partners who listen to The Joe Rogan Experience while 53 percent found it offputting when a man refuses to watch the new Barbie movie. They also were concerned about men who say that "there are only two genders." Among the biggest red flags, however, were men who were self-confessed MAGA Republicans. About 76 percent of them say that they would back off upon learning this.


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Overall, the survey concluded that women tend to be more liberal than men in terms of their political belief system. More millennial and Gen Z women consider their views on the left of the political spectrum while only 24 percent of men do so.

For millennial and Gen Z men, on the other hand, self-identifying as "Communists" was their biggest turnoff. Among their biggest red flags for potential partners are those who don't have any hobbies and are interested in astrology (41 percent of men think it's a deal-breaker). Interestingly, a majority of men (at about 59 percent) also say that it would be offputting to find someone who is a MAGA Republican. A little unity on this, it seems.

But there are some other things both millennial and Gen Z men and women can agree on. For instance, 95 percent of women and 91 of men are looking for a partner "who reads." Those in the dating pool are also looking for partners who "research the best deals," for some weird reason.

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