The Milestones That Define a Man’s Life

They're all part of the journey to becoming your own man.
The Milestones That Define a Man’s Life

When it comes to success, every man makes his own way at his own pace. Even then, there are major moments that many of us all share: milestones that define our transitions from one stage to the next. You’ll know you’ve arrived at a new phase once you’ve hit these landmarks:

Getting your first “big boy” toy

You’ve graduated from stuffed toys and teething rings, and now you’re ready for a little action. Your parents give you your very own bike or basketball hoop or water gun, and suddenly the world gets that much bigger for you.

Getting your own razor

For many, facial hair was the bridge between pre-pubescence and “real” manhood. Then, of course, we realize how silly that pencil-thin mustache looks on our boyish faces, and we get what we really want: a razor. Nothing says you’ve grown up more than the ability to safely take a sharp object to your face every day.

Getting your first paycheck

This is when you really feel adulthood coming in. Your job’s given you real-world responsibilities, but more important, you’re getting that first taste of financial independence. It’s the first time your efforts have directly translated into cash, and you’re going to have a lot of fun with it.

Getting your first car

The rush of getting your first bike is multiplied a thousandfold the moment you get your hands on your first car. Your boundaries seem to disappear, you have more control over your own schedule, and you’re less dependent on commute options and the kindness of friends who already have their own set of wheels.

Getting your own place

With professional success comes the inevitability of moving out. There isn’t much space left for your life to grow at your parents’ place, and so you take your hard-earned money and spend it on a down payment for your first home. You might start out renting, but it doesn’t matter—after all these years, you finally have a space all your own.

Starting your own family

Fatherhood changes a man. It’s one thing, after all, to be responsible for your career, but it’s another to be entirely responsible for someone who depends on you. For those of us who aren’t the parental type, family can come in other ways, from getting a pet to starting your own company.

Every major milestone a man achieves in his life starts with getting something all his own, from that first bike to your first home. But what we don’t often realize is how important it is to have our own things even when it comes to the mundane. Your own mug at the office. Your own side of the bedroom. Your own user profile on the family’s streaming subscription.

It all boils down to having full control over your own choices. You don’t need to rely on what other people make available to you; everything you have, down to the shampoo you use, is all yours. And when you make that choice, consider Dove Men+ Care. It’s specifically made for a man’s needs: helping to deeply cleanse your scalp and prevent hair fall to help you have stronger, more resilient hair. It’s a shampoo that was made just for you, and so you can call it all your own.

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