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These Were the Sexiest Filipino Men in the '70s

Think our modern men could give them a run for their money?

The Internet is littered with lists, from the best-tasting french fries, to the most beautiful actresses from Israel, to the most amazing white beaches in the Philippines. It feels like a new phenomenon, all these lists. We try to curate the vastness of the world wide web with categories and classifications and digests. But apparently such features have existed even during the primal pre-Buzzfeed days. 

Case in point: we found this gem of a story from January 22, 1976 listing the sexiest and most beautiful males in the country. It's part 2 of a series—the first ranking women—published in Expressweek. In an attempt to come up with the most scientific results possible, the "survey" winners were chosen by a panel of "12 judges all veterans and with discriminating tastes." 

The takeaway from the results? All 10 selected were "senior actors" and "married (sorry ladies)." The final observation being that probably "experience enhances a man's sex appeal." Unfortunately, not one of them managed to get a perfect 10.


Shoutout to the current mayor of Manila, who landed the number 4 spot back in the day.

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