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Here Are 6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas So She Doesn’t Dump Your Ass

Valentine's Day ideas that won't end in a breakup.

Out of Valentine’s Day ideas? Here’s some life-saving content that will make her think twice about dumping your ass. The fact of the matter is, women are getting exasperated planning every single Valentine’s day for every lousy boyfriend/husband too lazy to take matters into their own hands. So it’s about time you make up for your (lack of) effort and come up with some bright ideas yourself.

Here are some last-ditch Valentine’s Day ideas that might just save you from the dog house.

1| Cook In Instead of Going Out

Instead of braving the Valentine’s Day traffic and lining up to get into a restaurant, stay in and show off your cooking skills. Making something special at home is a far more romantic Valentine’s Day idea, especially if you cook together. The combination of romance and teamwork might be good for both of you.


If you’re one of the many millennials who has zero talent in the kitchen, take a page out of ramen genius Ivan Orkin’s cookbook and learn how to make ramen from scratch. Orkin is a world-renowned gaijin-turned-ramen celebrity, and his recipes were made to teach foreigners about the art of Japanese cuisine. No matter how bad you are in the kitchen, Orkin’s recipes will up your street cred.

2| Paint Each Other

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Draw her like one of your French girls. That didn’t come out right. What we’re trying to say is, make your Valentine’s Day date creative and memorable by picking up a canvas and easel and drawing/painting each other.

It’s an intimate way to connect, and the output will tell you a lot about how you look in the each other’s eyes. No matter how bad you might be, if your partner really loves you, she’ll frame the stick figure you painted just for her. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

3| Have a Non-Romantic Movie/Netflix Marathon

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Rom-coms are banned for this idea. Pick something genuinely good, not trashy, that you can both get passionate about. Films are a good way to remember that you both have similar tastes, so choose something that will ignite a conversation and remind you that you’re attracted to each other’s minds too.

We recommend The Good Place, a philosophical comedy that will make you both interested in discussing ethics and the afterlife without sounding like moral philosophy professors, whom everyone hates. Utilitarianism, deontology, the moral imperative—there’s nothing sexier than debating about Aristotle and Kant.  

4| Recreate Your First Date

If you’ve been together for a while, break away from routine and recreate your first date together to rekindle old memories. It’s a good way to show how you still remember every detail of your first real date together.

Send the same texts you sent prior to meeting, retrace every step, go to the same restaurant, and order the same dishes. Recall what you two first talked about, and laugh over how nervous you both were during that first date. Remember all the awkward, cute, and funny moments to make this one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas to remember.

5| Get a Couple’s Massage

No one, man or woman, can deny a massage. Especially if your couple’s retreat is booked at a swanky hotel that’ll impress her so much that she’ll forget about that time you got her a box of cheap expired chocolates last year.


Jokes aside, getting a massage is one of the best forms of self-love that will get rid of both of your worries about work and life, at least for a few hours. We recommend trying the Dance of Waves massage together at Okada Manila’s Retreat Spa. It’s a full-body massage designed to ease every pressure point in your body.

6| Go Glamping

Accomplish that rustic camp vibe without having to actually deal with all the dirt, bugs, and lack of indoor plumbing that come with the great outdoors. We doubt you’ll get any boyfriend points for making her pee in the woods. The solution? Glamping.

The Glamp Zambales is a four-hour road trip away from Metro Manila where you and your SO can enjoy a romantic glamping getaway weekend. This coastal glamping spot also lets you bring your pets along, so you can all enjoy a bonfire, s’mores, and the sound of the ocean under the stars. This could end up being one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for both of you.


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