Sex & Relationships

"Whether they're bad or good, there's always a motive."
Millennial and Gen Z women see it as a red flag in their partners.
People often confuse pansexuality and bisexuality for a couple of (somewhat valid) reasons.
Supply has never been higher, but demand is way down. Welcome to the Sex Recession. Will we ever pull out of it?
"I can't really hear you and I can't see anything and I may be sweaty and my feet might hurt and this band may not exactly be my thing, but really, it's fine."
For the philanderer, getting caught is the second-worst thing that can happen.
Talking to a pretty woman in person is too hard. He prefers to spend $10,000 a year paying 'findoms' to boss him around.
I started cuddling because I wanted to examine the boundary between sex and intimacy. I discovered a wild subculture, an "epidemic of loneliness," and a lot about myself, too.
You might be buying the wrong fit and feel. Let's change that.
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