5 Boxing and MMA Fights We Would Love to See in 2019

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2019 is already in full swing and, as early as now, we’ve already seen some barn burner classics in boxing and MMA. With all the great fights that took place in 2018, so many possible matches and dream fights can be made this year. Here are some of the ones we would love to watch.


Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II

This one’s a no-brainer. Wilder and Fury are two of the top three heavyweight boxers in the world (the other one being Anthony Joshua) and considering how their classic first match ended (ruled a split draw), these two have to run it back one more time.

Their last fight was a thrilling display of pugilistic arts with Fury defying human kinetics by dodging punches as if he’s a hundred pounds lighter and Wilder throwing haymakers that can punch a hole through time and space. We believe Fury won their first fight, but to put a more definite conclusion to this rivalry, these two should fight each other again this year.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin III

One of the most compelling matchups in recent boxing history, Canelo and “GGG” are two middleweight champions who were pitted against each other at the height of their prime—a rarity in this day and age. Their first match ended in a draw, while the second was a razor-close majority-decision win for Canelo.

These two bouts exemplified the best of the best in boxing technique and hair-raising drama—like watching two ballerinas compete in a dance battle on thin ice. There’s a palpable sense of beauty in motion but at the same time, you are engulfed by heart-stopping tension happening in every moment. We wouldn’t mind seeing these two fight a hundred times every year.


Vasyl Lomanchenko vs. Mikey Garcia

Vasyl Lomanchenko, in just 13 fights, successfully completed his assault of the boxing world by rising to the top in such a short span of time—while setting records and breaking sporting conventions at the same time. Some boxing pundits have actually stated that the Ukrainian prodigy is the greatest boxer that’s ever lived.

Even a person who doesn’t know the difference between a jab and a cross would easily discern that “Loma” is a cut above the rest. Fighting with such pugilistic genius, he’s making world-class champions look like they don’t know what they are doing.

Mikey Garcia, on the other hand, is what most is calling the “perfect” fighter to beat Loma: a tough pressure fighter with a seamless combination of counter-punching ability and earth-rattling power. This has the makings of a dream match for the ages.


Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier III (for the Heavyweight title)

We know, we know. Jon Jones beat Daniel Cormier twice (the last one via KO). That KO win, however, was overturned due to Jon testing positive of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). But despite all the controversies and caveats surrounding this much-documented rivalry, it is clear nobody else in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions poses any sort of challenge to these two.

Both are winning their matches in dominant fashion and now that Cormier is both light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, while Jones was out of the game due to a year-long drug suspension, it’s inevitable to want to see these two dance again.

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With both of their previous matches taking place at light heavyweight, it would be compelling to have them fight at heavyweight—a division closer to Cormier’s natural weight. It will answer the questions if Cormier can really redeem himself against his most bitter rival and if Jones can use his natural talents just as dominantly in a higher weight class.

George St. Pierre  vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (at Welterweight)

This match was announced to be “in the works” early this year, and boy did the MMA fanboy in us go nuts. Sure, people are saying that lightweight interim champion Tony Ferguson deserves a marquee match against Khabib, or that GSP is already past his prime, but you cannot ignore the intrigue and excitement that a GSP versus Khabib match can generate.

So many compelling storylines can be weaved around this potential “dream match.” One, Khabib has been so dominant while using a fighting style that GSP arguably invented for MMA—this grinding, wrestling style that seemed unstoppable even by the best fighters in the world.

Two, Khabib is looking to move up and conquer a heavier weight division after starching his oppositions at lightweight. Who better to welcome him at welterweight than GSP, the greatest welterweight of all time (and arguably the greatest pound-for-pound of all time, too)?

This is the kind of fight that brings out the giddiness in us like an over-excited child rushing to the Christmas tree to open his presents. UFC, please make this fight happen.

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