Carlos Yulo's Coach Takes the Blame for Olympic Loss: 'If You Want to Blame Someone, Blame Me'

Don't blame Carlos, says the coach. He already blames himself.

Carlos Yulo’s coach Munehiro Kugimiya took the blame for his ward’s performance on Saturday in the Tokyo Olympics, while assuring that the disappointing performance in the men’s all-around qualifier will even make the Filipino gymnast stronger.

The Japanese coach shared his thoughts on Facebook after Yulo failed to make it to the final of the floor exercise, the event where he won the world title in 2019.

Kugimiya said he is proud of Yulo regardless of the result as he did his best during the competition. The coach also said whatever mistake the Filipino gymnast made is because of him.

“If you want to blame [someone], please say his coach. If you want to say waste, please say his coach. He is the person who [holds the] responsibility [for] what he did. Athletes always [try their] best,” wrote Kugiyama, whose first language is Japanese.

“If a mistake [happens], [it's] because of his coach. I’m the one [who's] his coach,” Kugimiya added.

“[Caloy] is [Caloy] even [through] success or [failure]. One of my proud gymnast. The path we have taken is not easy... He is the one feeling most mabigat [to] himself,” said Kugimiya.

After missing the floor final, Yulo still has a shot at the medal as he competes in the vault, promising to do his best in Wednesday’s competition.

Kugimiya said Yulo is now moving on as he looks to finish his Olympic campaign on a bright note.

“I promise this experience [will] make him stronger than now. Don’t give up until the very end. Never give up and go forward always,” Kugimiya said.


Kugimiya's full post below.

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