Dave Chappelle Says Manny Pacquiao Reinstated Filipino Manhood With His Fists

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If you’ve been waiting for the comedian’s comeback ever since he walked away from a 50 million dollar deal with Comedy Central in 2005, you’re in luck. Netflix just dropped the first two of Dave Chappelle’s three stand-up specials.

In the first special, entitled The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at The Hollywood Palladium, Chappelle focuses on race, which you’ve come to expect from the famously reclusive comic, but he also explores the topic from an Asian perspective as he’s been married to a Filipina for over 15 years.

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He talks about seeing Pacquaio fight Mayweather, and addresses the controversial anti-gay comments the boxer made in 2016 (which Pacquiao made a month before the special was recorded): “…Manny Pacquaio said some outlandish shit about gay people. Very, very not nice things I won’t repeat, but it was biblical verses and some analogies to animals. It wasn’t a good look. Nike took his shoes immediately, which I thought was a little harsh, a little harsh, you know what I mean, because, just because he’s Asian...”

Chappelle goes on to explain to the audience, “I say this with no disrespect. We’re all Americans, and we can all agree that America has a huge body count all over the world, but nowhere more than Asia. Literally, if you look at history recently, we have bombed the masculinity out of an entire continent. We have dropped two atomic bombs on fuckin’ Japan and they’ve been drawing Hello Kitty and shit ever since.”


The comedian’s obviously familiar with the Filipino OFW experience as well: “…if you know what’s poppin’ in the Philippines, you know they have a whole generation of kids growing up without their mothers. Yes, a lot of women in the Philippines go to the Arabian Peninsula, they come to the United States. They make all their money here, they send all that money back home, which is still one of the number one staples of the Philippine economy. Money that their expats send back to the Philippines.”

And he has a theory on how it affects Filipino husbands: “The men on the other hand are left rearing children, twiddling their thumbs, waiting on their wives’ checks. These men have been fuckin’ emasculated. And then suddenly a boxer rises from amongst them and reinstates their manhood with his motherfuckin’ fists. This is not the guy who you’re supposed to ask what he thinks about homosexuals. He’s not your champ.” 

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