Onic Philippines Confirms Departure of Kairi

Bye, Kairi. See you in Indonesia!

Kair Rayosdelsol is leaving Onic Philippines. Kairi is one of Southeast Asia's most dreaded junglers because of his unshakeable focus: Despite odds in the battlefield, Kairi has turned the table countless times with his precise use of the Retribution battle spell.

He is also most feared when he uses assassin hero Ling: "Mahirap hulihin," says Yawi when he was asked at the MPL about why Kairi is one of the junglers that gives teams most trouble in matches. 

In its Facebook page, Onic Philippines bid farewell to Kairi.

"It's been quite a run, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you, Kairi for taking on this adventure with us. We will miss this heartthrob—our bunso, aka the Future.

"Undeniably one of the world's best junglers, we have no doubt you'd rise even higher. The ONIC fam will miss you! Always keep that ONIC heart of yours burning. Salamat, Kairi!"

Kairi plays for Onic Indonesia

Photo by Onic.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Kairi has moved to Onic Indonesia with former Onic Philippines head coach Denver Miranda, aka Coach Yeb. 

Kairi was also caught using a similar Secretlab gaming chair allegedly in a similar room as Onic Indonesia's Buts. It was implied he was already with the players of Onic Indonesia

Photo by Screenshot, Facebook.

It's an understatement to say that the departure of Coach Yeb and Kairi from Onic Philippines is a huge blow. 

But Kairi's move to Indonesia has been one of his biggest dreams. Even before Kairi became part of Onic, it was his dream to join an Indonesian team to play Mobile Legends. 

Indonesia has one of the biggest esports industries in the world, where players are treated as superstar celebrities. A pro player in Indonesia earns six figures in Philippine peso. On top of that salary, they also have dozens of multimillion-peso endorsements for local brands. 

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It's safe to say that although Kairi has left the Philippine esports scene, he's arguably in a better place where he can rise further than any Filipino ever had. 

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