The Philippines Is Easily One of the Best Countries For Snorkeling in the World

With our colorful corals, white sand, and pristine waters, it's no surprise why the Philippines is considered one of the best.

When it comes to snorkeling, the Philippines is only slightly unmatched. In fact, only six other countries in the world promise a better snorkeling experience than the Philippines, according to the latest travel ranking from Bounce.

The travel content site and luggage app Bounce announced that the Philippines is the seventh best destination for snorkeling in the world, beaten only by Australia, The Maldives, U.S.A., Cuba, Bahamas, and Papua New Guinea. Meanwhile, the Philippines is apparently a better snorkeling location than Indonesia, Fiji, Costa Rica, and even most of the countries in the Pacific Islands. 

The good thing about snorkeling is that anyone can do it. Unlike other water activities, you won’t need to shell out thousands of pesos to enjoy a simple activity. And you won’t need training or a certificate to snorkel as you do with diving. It’s easy to see why snorkeling is a favorite beachside pastime for Filipino and foreigners alike. With the Philippines’ rich marine biodiversity, our oceans, seas, and coral reefs might be some of the best underwater sights in the world. 

Which is why instead of heading to beaches abroad, why not support our local tourism here by recognizing the rich life that lurks beneath the surface. According to Bounce, here are the Philippines’ winning metrics that secured its sport as the world’s seventh best snorkeling destination: The Philippines is home to over P25,060 square kilometers of coral reef area; 3,339 fish species; 91 threatened fish species; and 35 snorkeling tours. But some metrics worked against Esquire’s branding, such as the 36 percent contribution to global plastic waste pollution. However, overall, Bounce ranked the Philippines as the seventh best in the world with a score of 6.69 out of 10. 


If you’re ever in the mood to snorkel, check out the best beaches in the country. And perhaps once you’ve exhausted all the snorkeling destinations in the Philippines, you can help yourself to the remaining 49 best-snorkeling destinations in the world. Check out the chart below. 

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