8 Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re an Alpha

If you're an alpha, you might be guilty of some of these.
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People with dominant personalities are often misjudged as cold and brazen, thanks to their no-nonsense attitude in dealing with everyday life. Alpha personalities are quite easy to spot in the workplace, in school, or out in the public. You could even be one of them.

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The following are habits of people with alpha personalities, which they don’t realize they’re doing because they are so self-assured.


1| You don’t care if you have few friends.

People with dominant personalities don’t go out of their way to please people, but they are confident enough to make acquaintances and build relationships with everyone in the office. That does not mean they have many friends. On the contrary, they are quite happy to keep a trimmed-down list of people whom they can truly trust.


2| You eat alone and don’t feel conscious about it.

Being an alpha does not mean you must be constantly surrounded by people. You feel perfectly fine doing things on your own, like eating lunch, and don’t feel conscious about it. Apart from eating alone, you also enjoy doing things on your own, like going to the mall or watching movies.


3| You have no fear of missing out.

It’s Friday night and your friends invite you to go out for drinks but you refuse, thinking of your warm bed and soft pillows. Your friends go on without you, and you are fine with that. It’s not that you don’t care, you just know you’re still friends even when you miss a night of laughter, gossip, and updates.



4| You speak your mind and you are honest about how you feel.

In a team huddle, you are always the one who voices out concerns regardless of how other people might feel about what you have to say. Your team members count on you to say what they are afraid to express. If you think something will not be healthy for you or the team, people will hear about it from you. In other words, you are not afraid to disagree, whether with a team member or with your superior.


5| You judge people by their work, not their words.

You expect less from other people’s words than their actions, and you have this uncanny ability to spot bullshit from a mile away. You are well guarded when it comes to expectations, but you are also impressed when you see people perform and meet goals.


6| You don’t care what people say about you.

Alphas are not easily brought down by harsh words. In fact, they take it as a challenge or just let the words wash over them. You are so self-assured that you know your shortcomings and strengths, and all the other things are just irrelevant. This does not mean you find it hard to admit mistakes—you apologize when you think you are wrong, but not for unfounded or biased criticisms made against you.


7| You don’t show off.

Showing off is a sign of insecurity. As an alpha, your confidence comes from how you perceive your worth and not from tangible things that signify social status, power, or wealth.

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8| You treat everyone as your equal.

Whether you are speaking to a company CEO or a rank-and-file worker, you treat them with respect as your equal. This comes so naturally to you that people don’t see it as pretentious. Your confidence makes everyone feel comfortable.

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