10 Travel Hacks from a Filipino Commercial Pilot


As the Philippines eases into normalcy with restrictions being lifted, more people are booking flights for the first time since 2020. Former actor and now Captain Mann Ed Demalata, an aviation influencer, is sharing travel tips many people overlook while flying. 

Here are 10 travel tips from Captain Demalata. 

1|  Travel light 

Check your schedule and count the number of clothes you will be needing. Save yourself from the extra baggage weight by planning your outfits beforehand. The extra space will leave you room for some pasalubong

2|  Use the restroom at the airport departure area

This will help minimize the need to use the inflight lavatory. Aside from sanitary reasons, we all know the struggle of having to excuse ourselves from strangers to get to the lavatory if we’re assigned the window seat! 

3| Ask for a ‘Fragile’ sticker

Upon check-in, ask the agents to place a “fragile” sticker on your baggage even if the items inside are not breakable. This is to ensure extra protection for your luggage especially if you are carrying designer brands. 

4|  Fully charge your devices 

Always bring fully charged power banks or portable chargers for your devices like camera, mobile phone, and tablet. Capturing picture-perfect moments and making emergency calls are priceless. 

5|  Bring a noise cancellation headset or earbuds

Keep yourself entertained during lull times by streaming your favorite series or jamming with your customized playlist. Additionally, snorers and crying infants are unavoidable so save yourself from the inconvenience.

6|  Board as early as possible

Board early so that overhead bins will be available closest to your seats. Trust me, it will be a lot easier when you can readily get your luggage out for deplaning. 


7|  Bring basic medicine and first aid emergency kit 

This will come in handy in case any of you feel sick or encounter an accident. Do not forget to include your vitamins and supplements! 

8|  Arm yourself with information 

Make sure you are updated with the COVID-19 data, travel requirements, and protocols in your destination. Whether you are going local or international, making sure you have the necessary documents or testing results will save you time and effort. 

9 | Always have rubbing alcohol with you 

Carry a tightly-sealed bottle (one with a nozzle seems easy to use!) to avoid spillage. Bring a maximum of 100ml as a handcarry item and just place more in your check-in luggage so you can refill later. You can use clear tape around the cap and place the bottle in a resealable bag. 

10|  Bring your own sunshine 

Make sure you have a cheerful attitude with you as you go out there and conquer. After all, that is what vacations are for.

Aside from flying, Capt. Demalata dedicates time to sharing his experiences on social media. Demalata has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram where he regularly hands out travel tips and personal updates. 

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