6 Travel Essentials That Will Help You Close Business Deals

Stay productive even on the go.
6 Travel Essentials That Will Help You Close Business Deals

So you’re off to Hong Kong on company expense to close a deal. While it isn’t out of line to get drinks in Lan Kwai Fong, your first priority is being organized and ready to dot the Is and cross the Ts on that contract. The items you pack should reflect your "business-first" attitude. Here, some of our must-haves for a successful trip:

A smart outfit

You’ll need at least one outfit that’s flexible enough to wear both at meetings and the socials that might follow. Focus on being tasteful rather than formal; a well-fitting, wrinkle-free button-down shirt and a pair of tailored black pants are a good start. You’re good to go when you cap off the basics with a classic blazer and well-shined shoes.

Travel adapter

A universal travel adapter is a worthwhile investment. Look for one that accommodates at least three of the most common international plugs used in North America, Europe, and Asia, and has more than one USB port.

Business cards

Business trips are networking opportunities, so bring an ample amount of elegant yet simply designed business cards. You never know what doors may open through your global contacts.

A portable WiFi device and a cost-effective data plan

WiFi may be readily available in most areas of developed countries you visit, but technology isn’t omnipresent. Invest in a pocket WiFi device. Check in with your service provider for cost-efficient data plans. At your destination, consider purchasing a local SIM card; you’ll probably get good deals on roaming data costs.

A battery pack

There could be hours when you’re mobile and without access to a power outlet, so a fully charged power bank is essential. The Huawei 10,000 mAh SuperCharge Power Bank is a good option. It gives your device a day’s worth of use in just 20 minutes, and the power bank itself is fully charged within the time it takes to finish a movie.

A reliable laptop

The laptop is your mobile workstation. You need a device that can handle all the demands of your job, and the Huawei MateBook 13 is more than capable. Equipped with a powerful processor, you can be confident that your vital, memory-heavy work files run smoothly on it. The MateBook 13 comes with Huawei Share 3.0, allowing you to transfer important files between Huawei devices almost instantaneously; a 1 GB video transfer clocks in at as little as 35 seconds. Its long-lasting battery that can accommodate 10 hours of video playback features quick-charge capabilities that give you 2.5 hours of use after 15 minutes of charging. Its one-touch power button lets you quickly log in while its ultra-slim body (its 13-inch screen-to-body ratio only weighs roughly 1.28kg) makes it easy to carry around, so you can effortlessly move from one meeting to another. It even comes with its own pocket charger.

When it’s time for a little play, its crystal-clear FullView Display and immersive Dolby Atmos audio deliver entertainment at topnotch viewing quality.

Learn more about the Huawei MateBook 13 on the official Huawei website, and get updates on their products by following the Huawei Philippines Facebook page.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Huawei.