This Baguio Airbnb Offers a Heavenly Escape Up Among the Pine Trees

Immaculate views.

When you're looking for an Airbnb in Baguio City, you want to get a space that seamlessly integrates the Baguio cool and all the other natural elements in the Cordilleras. And Baguio HillHouse can offer you that and then some. Think: a staycation up above the pines.

Tucked away within the lush Baguio mountains is Baguio Hillhouse. It just feels warm and vibrant, accentuated by the shabby fixtures and quirky hues that add quite a sense of character to the concrete unit. The city proper, or "The Town," as locals call it, is right there. You are treated to that wonderful fog. It makes sense, dramaturgically, you know.

Featuring a peculiar mix of industrial and rustic chic, this Airbnb's main draw is its stunning views and how the glass panels let in the glorious natural light. Imagine waking up to this early in the morning. Hell, why not get some lunch at the roof deck?

The main living space comes with a flat-screen television and a fully functional kitchen.

Photo by AIRBNB.

It sort of has that supervillain lair thing going on, aye? Not in a scary way, of course. Parking is available, too, by the way.

Photo by AIRBNB.

It's a New York dupe of a loft (but instead of a concrete jungle, it's the Baguio forest).

Photo by AIRBNB.

Enjoy some beer with your pals up on the roof deck. Bring your kids, too (the maximum is two children).

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Photo by AIRBNB.


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We love a good outdoor sitting area, don't we?

Photo by AIRBNB.

A closer look at the fixtures at Baguio HillHouse. We get an unobstructed view of the city, which is only 3.5 kilometers away from the residence.

Photo by AIRBNB.

We can get a good look at the living area from the loft and vice versa. Feel free to choose between the sleeping quarters. There are also two extra mattresses if need be.

Photo by AIRBNB.

The green in the kitchen is an interesting choice, to say the least.

Photo by AIRBNB.

Baguio HillHouse is located at Bermuda Hills Subdivision in Baguio City, Benguet. Rates start at P6,637 for a maximum of seven guests. For more information, visit Baguio HillHouse's Facebook page hereBook a staycation at the Airbnb with the super host today.

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