Beyond the Opera House: 5 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Sydney

Make the most of your Australian tour

Beyond the Opera House: 5 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Sydney

If you have an appetite for exploration, fly to Sydney, Australia. The “Emerald City”' overflows with cultural, artistic, and adventure-filled gems, like its crown jewel—the Opera House, a World Heritage Site and masterpiece of 20th century architecture. In a vast waterscape with gleaming sail-shaped roofs puncturing the sky, the Opera House entertains guests with world-class theater acts, ballet perfomances, symphonies, contemporary dance acts, and opera productions.

After reveling inside this performance center, where do you go next? Today, we unveil five must-see destinations that are a stone’s throw away from the Opera House to add to your Sydney sojourn:

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Picnic, stroll, or take guided tours at one of Sydney’s most beautiful and oldest botanical gardens. This 74-acre oasis dotted with ornamental plants, rolling lawns, ancient trees, native and international fauna, conservatories, and historic sculptures is perched along Sydney Harbor, giving views of the waterfront, Opera House, and the city skyline.

Visit its standout features like the Rose Garden, Australian Rainforest Garden, Tropical Fernery, Succulent Garden, and Cadi Jam Ora, home to native and European plants brought by Britain’s First Fleet. Enjoy its cafes, restaurants, and tours like the Aboriginal Cultural Tour and the Jurassic Jungle Tour, which features the garden’s most ancient plants and real fossils (popular with kids!).

How to get there: Exit the Opera House and head east along Macquarie Street toward the garden. It’s three minutes by car or 11 minutes on foot.

BridgeClimb Sydney

Imagine hiking a tall mountain, but the mountain is the world’s largest steel arch bridge and you’ve just reached the peak of its outer arch, savoring 360-degree views of the “Emerald City.” An iconic Sydney must-do, the BridgeClimb offers four types of group climbs, each with a tour guide offering commentaries on the history of Sydney, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and Australia’s first nation.

Fun facts: the climb is not strenuous! There are plenty of stops where you can rest while the tour guide talks about the bridge. You can climb at dawn, day, dusk, or night. You also get a cap and certificate to commemorate your achievement!

How to get there: Walk along Circular Quay towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where BridgeClimb Sydney is located. It’s eight minutes by car or around 25 minutes on foot.

Sydney Tower Eye

If you want to reach the highest point you can possibly climb in the capital city, visit the Tower Eye. This viewing attraction in Sydney’s tallest spire looks almost like an actual eye surveying the skyline.

Map out your afternoon by going to the Eye’s Observation Deck or outdoor viewing platform and surveying the city using its state-of-the-art binoculars with touch screen panels. These will tell you interesting facts about any famous landmark you spot. Upgrade your experience by trying the Skywalk, where you walk around the outside of the tower over two glass platforms. Cap off the adventure by watching the 4-D Cinema that chronicles Sydney’s rich history visually, aurally, and physically!

How to get there: Stroll westward from the Opera House along Macquarie Street toward Sydney Tower. It’s seven minutes by car or around 25 minutes on foot.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Nothing is more healing, affirming, and enriching to the soul than encountering art that mirrors your inner world. Housed in a striking Art Deco-style building overlooking sparkling waters at Circular Quay, the museum displays paintings, sculptures, photos, video art, and installations by Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Island artists. You can also find exhibits by international artists such as Yoko Ono, Grayson Perry, and Annie Leibovitz. Try the tours and workshops, too!

Swing by its occasional Friday events after hours to revel in live acts and DJ performances while sipping cocktails on its view-blessed rooftop restaurant.

How to get there: Follow the waterfront from the Opera House, and you'll arrive at the museum. It’s nine minutes by car or 14 minutes on foot.

Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney is heaven to kids and kids at heart. Built in the 30s and oozing with old-world charm, this amusement park perched on the waterfront welcomes guests with a gigantic smiling face as its entrance. Step inside to experience classic carnival games like Ring Toss, Hot Shot Basketball, Laughing Clowns, and dart-popping Big Bang. Jump onto the Ferris Wheel, Ghost Train, Dodgems Bumper Cars, Great Scenic Railway Roller Coaster, and the Drop Tower. Check out live performances at the Big Top Arena, which has hosted acts like Bruno Mars, Lily Allen, and Dua Lipa.

How to get there: If walking, start from the Opera House, walk to Circular Quay, and catch a ferry to Milsons Point. Luna Park is a short stroll from the terminal. This takes 18 minutes. If driving, head west on Macquarie Street, take the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and exit to Alfred Street North to reach Luna Park Sydney.

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